Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 (32 bit) for Windows 7/8/10/XP
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Other features in Photoshop

Table 11-1 highlights some of the additional features that you can explore while working with Photoshop.

TABLE 11-1 Illustrative Feature List for Photoshop

**Feature** | **Description**

— | —

Eyedropper | Allows you to select or create colors from an image. The use of this tool is known as « color matching. »

Background layer | Provides a textured or color background for a picture or photo. It can be used to hold a photo or digitally create one.

Layers | Displays an image broken into individual layers. A layer is where the details of the image are displayed. You can use layers to move a photo into a different position, change its opacity, and add or delete parts of a photo.

Layers | Provides a textured or color background for a picture or photo. It can be used to hold a photo or digitally create one.

Layer Mask | You can work with a layer by showing or hiding it. This is typically done using a layer mask. It’s a way of hiding parts of a layer. Layer masks are often used to hide parts of a photo or create special effects.

Layer properties | Provides information about the layers, such as the file name and the height and width of the image. It allows you to rename a layer, as well as move it to a new location, delete it, and add effects such as drop shadows, bevels, blurs, and color correction.

Option Bar | Provides contextual help when you’re working with a program. The options that appear on the Option Bar depend on what you’re doing. For example, you see a text box appear when you select an object. You can modify the text color, create a new text box, type text, change a text box’s size, or add text to a box.

Shapes | Allows you to create basic geometric shapes such as rectangles, ovals, polygons, and circles.

Tabs | Provides a way to organize your layers and files. The program can open files, and it can add, move

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You can get Adobe Photoshop Elements 19 here.

Whether you need to edit a single image, make a high-res image for printing or create an image for web use, here’s a guide to get you started.

How to use Photoshop Elements 19

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a graphical editing tool for photos. You can use it to correct white balance, exposure, color, contrast, and color brightness. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to edit photos easily with Photoshop Elements.

In order to edit your photos, you must first open the photo in Photoshop Elements and then use the zoom button or slider tool to zoom into a section.

The zoom tool is an icon located in the top left corner of the interface. The zoom tool shows a yellow slider inside a white bar.

Click on the zoom tool and move the slider to crop the photo and zoom in to a particular area of the photo.

Use the zoom tool to set the standard size for crops or pictures. You can save cropped sections of photos into one image.

Tip: You can zoom into any part of the photo by using the Zoom In tool.

The window that appears when you open a photo in Photoshop Elements. You can crop and zoom into specific sections of photos with a special tool.

The Crop tool is an icon that is located in the Crop section of the toolbar. Click on the icon and the tool window that appears will allow you to crop out unwanted sections of your photo.

You can also crop the area around an image using the Select and Refine tool.

Crop Your Photo 1 of 2

Click on the Crop Tool icon and select the crop type that you want to use.

Use the crop tool to crop out sections of the photo.

The Crop Tool. Click on the crop tool icon to access the crop tool window.

The Crop Tool window allows you to crop your photos.

If you aren’t sure what crop type to use, you can simply use the Crop tool to crop your photo.

How to Use the tools. The Crop tool window opens up when you click on the crop tool icon.

The crop tool allows you to crop sections of your photos.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

How to resize a photo using Photoshop Elements 19

You can resize your

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