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The team at Cygames has created the online fantasy role-playing game « Elden Ring. » In this game, the fantasy world of Elden Ring is alive. The land of Elden Ring is populated by humans, elves, and other races that have their own unshakable sense of power. Each race has its own characteristics and provides a unique experience through its character designs.
In addition to the new fantasy action role-playing game, « Elden Ring, » the team at Cygames is developing a mobile game, « The Last Guardian, » which is a drama based on a man’s struggle to save the last survivor of his family. The game is set in a world of battle royale games in which a player can participate. The game « The Last Guardian » is also one of the first titles in development for Japan by the Japanese developer of Cygames.

Product Features:
There is a new Legend in town.
An Action RPG
The blacksmith side of town.
And the stable full of horses.
It seems that the town is overflowing with exciting stories and delights.
The Legend of rising from the ashes.
Its power is the power of the sword.
Take the sword and an adventure awaits.

The Legend of Tarnished
The young man who became the hero of the whole town.
If you can make the hero your ally, your destiny will be fulfilled.
The hero of the most legend is upon you!

A world where dragons and humans live together.
The one you must beat in the fight
The Legend of awakening
It is a world of dragons that humans live together.
The power of Sword is all you need!

*Due to regional variations, different prices, and availability, actual product may differ from image.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Development:
  • NPC Parties:
  • Real-Time Battles:
  • Tactical Battles:
  • Blackboard:
  • Population Calculation and Evolution:
  • Soul Fusion:
  • Web Browser Support:
  • An extensive online community:
  • ▼System Requirements:

    • CPU:Core i5 – 3.4GHz or better
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • RAM: 8 GB or more
    • HDD: 2 GB or more

    ▼Game Features:

    • A vast world; different seasons and weather patterns affecting the play style
    • NPC Boats: play the game to let different characters go on off-shore adventures
    • RIVAL EXCHANGE in the Arena & Chain Shop
    • Customization at your Leisure<BR>
    • A multilayered story; as the story progresses, you can discover and experience the details of the world of Elden, meet the characters and promote the story
    • Run short missions in the Game World or play Dungeons and other modes to earn gears
    • Power Up: Update your equipment levels, expand your skill, and grow your own character!<BR>
    • Upgrade and strengthen yourself!<BR>
    • Opponents in the Digital World and the Traditional World of Elden have different characteristics, so use them to your advantage
    • Battle spirit: increase the power of the monsters you fight, level up, increase their power, and evolve them into high-power enemies
    • Unique Online Play; play online with other players and, as each play a character in a random match, you will not know who is whom!
    • On the pulse of the people: by using the web browser to check in


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      —–Story from the start—————————————————————-

      Once upon a time there was a world where a lot of other worlds were connected.

      In that world, there was a world in which a goddess created wars. And there was a world in which a tree-like humanoid god created a curse upon that world.

      They had created a world called the Warring States Period, but that world eventually came to an end.

      ——–Japanese version———–

      Meanwhile, another world was created. In that world there was a place that was immediately sealed away.

      A place where high pressure and temperature are continuously applied. This place is so large and vast that it cannot be properly described in words. It is a world unlike any other. It is a world created from such evil that nothing else exists here. This is the Land Between Worlds, which the goddess and god also called Sullen Land.

      ——–This world——–

      The warring states period changed a lot with the existence of the world.

      Everyday, wars broke out between the allied nations and fought. Over and over, they were embroiled in battle. Among these wars, they caused and affected the area called the Land Between Worlds that had been sealed away.

      “The Land Between Worlds is good if not for the curse…”

      There was a place where the curse was being removed.

      ——–The world of Sullen Land——–

      On the other side of the war, the world of Sullen Land began to change.

      The area began to change.

      And there were guilds called the Black Legions, which had started to interfere with the territory.

      They tried to invade other nations in Sullen Land.

      ——–The God of Chaos——–

      On the other side of the world, there was a place called the Lands Between.

      A place where people who had lost their families, and those who dreamt of having them back, came to be.

      In those times there was


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      Elden Ring RPG Patents:


      Playtime and Difficulty

      While a game account may be purchased, in order to enjoy the most consistent gameplay experience, please make sure to keep your game account active.

      With an active game account, you can enjoy high-quality graphics, frequent updates, and stable gameplay.


      How long would you like to play for?

      You can decide to play for a fixed amount of time (e.g., 30 minutes) or for an unlimited amount of time (e.g., Until the end of time).

      You can also set the time manually at « manually set » or adjust the length of playtime at « playtime settings » (e.g., 1:30/2:00) or « game length » (e.g., Half an hour).


      How difficult would you like the game to be?

      There are several difficulty settings:

      Easy (Normal) – A basic environment makes the enemies’ movements, attacks, and critical hits easier to dodge. On the other hand, items, enemies, and effects are more difficult to use.

      Advanced (Hard) – Enemies are even easier to hit, but the game also features an even bigger world. All items, enemies, and effects are difficult to use.

      Expert (Expert) – Enemies and effects become even more difficult to use, as do items. The world becomes extremely large.

      Death penalty – A certain death penalty will be executed if the player loses a life.

      System Requirements

      Be sure to view the minimum requirements to play the game before downloading.

      Memory: 1 GB RAM

      Processor: 2 GHz or higher

      OS: Windows 7/8/10

      How to download ELDEN RING?

      Why do I need to get an account?

      All download links can be used only once, so please make sure to get an account before getting any.

      You can register the download links of games that allow single player. You can also change your download folder in the settings of your account.

      What are some additional languages available in the game?



      What’s new:

      Enjoy? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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    • Personal items can be protected, and the amount of sharing can be set
    • It is possible to join other peoples’ games while the game is running
    • Playing with different accounts is possible regardless of the server being connected or disconnected