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Name Elden Ring
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The story of the Young-Adventures series revolves around young adventurers who venture out into the world in search of adventure. Moreover, there are three main stories in the series: Tarnished, A Wandering Fire, and Rise. A young man named Dune is seeking the truth behind the disappearances of 3 villagers from his hometown.
Tarnished (iOS/Android)
A young female former member of the palace guard, Ilna, attempts to regain her status as a guard. She sets forth on a quest to conquer the Five Orders of the Tower of Dora.
A Wandering Fire (iOS/Android)
In the middle of a night, a young man wakes up to find a small stone with the words « I will keep this, » inscribed on it. He learns that he is the chosen hero to save the people of his small town.
Rise (iOS/Android)
In order to save his townspeople from an incoming army, a young man from the village with a strong physique hunts down and captures the giant monster.
Young-Adventures is a series of fantasy action role-playing games in which you play as a young adventurer who sets out to search for adventure.
The story of the Young-Adventures series revolves around young adventurers who venture out into the world in search of adventure. In addition, there are three main stories in the series: Tarnished, A Wandering Fire, and Rise.
In these RPGs, you play as an independent adventurer with an unfixed worldview, and freely explore huge and detailed fantasy worlds to fight ferocious enemies.
For more information, visit: www.young-adventures.comQ:

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Features Key:

  • A vast open world that can be freely explored, and will continuously expand even after you have completed the main story line.
  • A massive world where multiple things are going on. The evil characters who stand in the way of your quest have to be overcome before you proceed; and while in your journey, there are many factions who will aid or hinder you. Examples of these factions are the powerful adventurer guilds, and the twisted enemies who live in the huge dungeons.
  • Hundreds of items to play with. Collecting items will keep your inventory fully stocked, and will allow you to find items while collecting your own materials.
  • Customize your character’s equipment and game play by equipping a variety of weapons, armor, and special effect items.
  • Utilizing the strength of the character and the weapon, raise your character’s skills and attacks, and use magic that lifts you into a higher state.
  • Various action combat systems that allow you to quickly attack and defeat enemies.
  • Engaging gameplay that has elements of simulation and RPG. Enjoy a game where the controls are simple but the adventure is endless.
  • An epic fantasy with a refined graphics that explores the edge of an even deeper world.
  • REVIEW EVOKE! please… we’ll make it work… we have our dreamtorch!(we’re not sorry… we love this kind of story) it is very interesting that the game, like fate or destiny, is a game that involves fate like i.e our characters fate: though it be the blind fates that we choose, to our own discords!… Also very curious that our fate is not just in our hands, but also is the fate of the world… hmmm… maybe i think thats what it is to live in a world, where everything is not just in our own hands, though I think this is also true. Why? only because we are informed on some people and creatures which we have never heard before, and could be very important or importand for our characters… just the words which i speak now may not have a mysterious/extraordinary value. But we just have to push on our part, not make a maximum fear that something bad will happen, but we have to love it as its a new experience for us!</


    Elden Ring [Mac/Win] Latest

    Game is quite good, epic moments, story is really nice, I can really recommend it if you like FFXII RPG style.

    HUGE thanks to @Konami for the review codes.

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    /* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    * file, You can obtain one at */
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    var BUGNUMBER = 454860;
    var summary = ‘Do not assert: what instanceof is executed as a pre-condition';
    var actual = ‘No Crash';
    var expect = ‘No Crash';

    //printStatus (summary);

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    reportCompare(expect, actual, summary);
    Assert.expectEq(summary, expect, actual);
    Garden Rocks

    Garden Rocks is a granite outcrop located in Hampshire, England, UK on the eastern slope of the South Downs. It lies just west of the Hampshire-Surrey border, close to the villages of Manor and


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    ▶How to play
    Select the character you want to play, and plan how to explore the game world.
    All of your actions are made by pressing the “A” button.
    Players can choose their strategy and customize their character, but their movements and actions will be the same.

    The land of Tarnath, guarded by the great Northern Watch, was ruled by a greedy tyrant. He seized every resource for himself and once again the land was near destruction.
    And then a boy is born. This boy has the ability to communicate with things that have no voice. He is a tool of the gods, and is called a Tarnished Lord.
    He has the power to speak the language of the Gods of Destruction and the Magic of Creation.
    ◇Game Mechanics
    ▶Battle: Fight the Forces of Evil against a variety of enemies using the power of the gods.
    ▶Craft: Use the resources you find to craft weapons and armor.
    ▶Climb: For every major quest, you must climb a mountain.
    ▶Discover: Explore the land of Tarnath to learn more about what’s happening in the world of Elden.
    ▶Dwell: You can cultivate skills, weapons, and armor to create your own character.
    ▶Escape: You will fight against monsters and other players.
    ▶Freedom: Your character is free from the control of the tyrant.
    ▶Gather: Go out to gather resources.
    ▶Grind: Go to the villages, gather the required materials, and fight the monsters that stand in your way.
    ▶Note: When you’ve reached the ranks you want to use different spells, which are different from each other. However, the character’s skills (agility, STR, INT, and DEX) aren’t changed.


    The player is required to move through the areas provided as an encounter map on the second screen.

    In addition, there is an area that will be an encounter with monsters. The encounter is the same for the various cities.

    Demon Lords:
    1 Demon Lords

    The player can enter the Sacred Plain from the gate within the


    What’s new:

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  • Elden Ring:



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows XP SP2, Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
    DirectX 9.0c or higher
    6 GB RAM
    20 GB of free disk space
    Dual Core CPU
    Mac OS 10.5 or higher
    iPad 2 (iOS4.2), iPhone 4 (iOS5), iPhone 3GS (iOS4), iPhone 3G (iOS4)Q:
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