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About the Game

In FIFA 22, every player, pitch, atmosphere, story and more has been rebuilt from the ground up, to bring football to life in a completely new way.

From the most authentic World Cup experience yet, to new Ways to Play and more, FIFA 22 delivers all the players, pitches, atmosphere, storylines and game-modes you want from football’s greatest club and national team simulation on Xbox One.

New Ways to Play

FIFA Ultimate Team

Collect and train your very own team of players, including over 50 legends. The most authentic way to experience the new FIFA, with new ways to play, ways to earn, and legendary players and managers to boot!

New Career Mode

Have fun managing a soccer club in a detailed, long-lasting career mode.

Challenge Multiplayer Modes

Slide, dribble, pass, and take on your friends in action-packed Online Seasons and Online Leagues. Or host your own events with a multitude of modes to play across a variety of game modes and settings.

Real Player Motion Technology

The players have been motion captured, enabling them to move more naturally and fluently. Real player physical and emotional characteristics have also been captured.


FIFA FUT is the deepest and most authentic way to play football yet. Create and manage your own player, not just the latest football superstar, but a true football legend – think Maradona or Zidane.

New commentary, new crowds and new stadiums

FIFA 22 introduces a totally new stadium and fan experience. From soaring architecture to unique colors, the stadiums are now the best-looking they’ve ever been, thanks to a major graphics update.

Experience Football Like Never Before

New Matchday Experience

• Training and Tour modes are enhanced with new menus and immersive presentation, and included in the “My Career” way in Career Mode.

• New in-match story experiences to take the pressure off players to keep up with the match.

• New player innovation for fans to experience a new, fresher style of play.

New systems

• Brand new football engine, with new physics to react to unpredictable situations more realistically.

• New ball system, where the ball reacts the same way to all players, regardless of the sphere


Features Key:

  • Brand-new presentation, tools and refinements to gameplay.
  • FIFA World Cup 2014™ ball has its own attributes.
  • Variety of new skills: long-range passes, run ins, throw-ins, solo.
  • Beatmania-inspired drum kit with new acoustic drum voiceovers.
  • Outstanding set of new commentators.
  • Stunning new stadiums.
  • Vast choice of new player appearances.
  • Enhanced Player Career and Gameplay to allow more strategy during your journey.
  • New pass patterns, dribbling and a more realistic defensive game.
  • New goal celebrations.
  • New behaviours in FIFA Ultimate Team.

As the reigning FIFA World Player of the Year, Didier Drogba will be one of your best-ever signings. Enjoy a new shoot-out minigame. Fight your way up the ranks and graduate from the ranks of the club coaching staff into the club boardroom.

Set against an atmospheric soundtrack all inspired by ambient mood music, FIFA 22 is the authentic football experience you have been craving.

What are you waiting for? Take charge of your club with the coolest football manager around.

Set in four great new football-inspired locations, FIFA 22 will take you to:

  • Man City – King’s Cross
  • Inter Milan – San Siro
  • Marseille – Stade Velodrome
  • PSG – Stade de France


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FIFA 22. Launch Trailer.

FIFA is the world’s best soccer franchise. With EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team™, a first-of-its-kind gameplay experience, fans have the power to build a team from scratch and train, play matches and earn rewards, as well as compete against their friends in one of the world’s most authentic sports games. Start building your Ultimate Team today!

Ratings and Reviews

Each month, our player community rates EA SPORTS FIFA 22, as well as each of the game’s content categories, to make EA games the best they can be.

Check out these reviews from the entire FIFA community.

Did you know that FIFA has over 150 million players? It’s the best place to start your journey into the EA SPORTS world of football.

Football. And FIFA. The game that started it all. Now it’s better than ever.

Check out the game features on the biggest game site in the world.

Or join the conversation on the FIFA Facebook page.

EA and the FIFA brand are respected for creating the most authentic football experience with a deep, engaging game that remains true to the sport. Together we can give this vision to more players around the world.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. For more information on other ratings and regions, visit our site here.

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The FIFA franchise began as a kickabout with friends on school playgrounds. Moving onto consoles, it was a step into the future. As the series evolved, it became the most authentic football experience on consoles. FIFA 22 will revolutionise that with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. Packed with lots of new features, this is a FIFA game you don’t want to miss.

Unprecedented game engine improvements include a Real Player Motion engine that allows the game to react more accurately to the player’s movement, a better passing and ball control system and defensive intelligence that means the best defensive performances come from smart, tactical decision-making.

Most importantly, FIFA 22 brings in many innovations that give players a more immersive and engaging game experience. An improved scorekeeping system makes keeping score in matches a more intuitive, fun experience. A new throwing system allows players to use skilled


Fifa 22 Free [Latest 2022]

Build a collection of the best players and managers in the world and add them to your squad. Earn experience points, manage your players’ fitness and train new skills to help them improve throughout the season. Compete in tournaments and improve your club’s team by earning cards and coins. As a Manager, you will need to manage your players’ individual abilities by spending coin to increase their attributes.

Features – Live free and play as you love FIFA. FIFA 21 introduces the biggest roster of players ever, giving you more ways to play than ever before. FIFA Ultimate Team features a brand new Player Card progression, where your players go from being unknowns to legends in your own squad, allowing you to shape your team around the way you think best. The depth of gameplay is further enhanced by new mechanics like new reactive AI. All this, played by EA SPORTS FIFA’s most authentic and realistic pitch – exact replicas of the real world you know and love.

Features- New Player Card Design – Create your own custom player with new Player Card Design, featuring more player characteristics and customization.

Features- Dynamic Ratings – A fresh new approach to player ratings, with a new Assists Ratings Performed by Player System that adjusts a player’s rating based on the proportion of successful passes he makes when playing for his team. There’s also a revamped Pass Success Rating Performed by Player System that adjusts a player’s rating based on the proportion of successful passes he makes with the opposition.

Features- New Player Progression – Progress your players’ skills by training them and unlocking new abilities through Skill Games and Squad Building Challenges.

Features- New Player and Opponent Behaviors – More real-life behavior from players and opponents. New 1-on-1 Defensive Behavior for Opponents will make them hold up the ball like they do in real life.

Features- New Authenticity – New Jibbons, celebrations, the Official Anthem, Real Player Interaction and more.

Features- New camera angles – Classic views and new dynamic angle of views for better player discovery and to more easily analyze your strategies.

Features- Real World Weather and Referee Decisions – Real World Weather will affect the feel and playability of the game. Games will become more unpredictable as rain, snow, and cooler temperatures can alter the angles of players, and may make shots goal less likely. The best FIFA players will be more difficult to beat in the harder difficulty levels


What’s new:

  • Sniper – Enable 3D Touch for new gameplay features on the ball, on the player, and on the goalpost. Change your goal settings and unlock advanced set-up options with 3D Touch. See updated court lines, pitch markings and the location of other players in the game.
  • Playmaker – For the first time, your gameplay profile can be personalized with Player Schemes. Choose an avatar icon for the manager and kit manager, and then a set of Player Schemes to be used in-game to tailor your team to your playstyle.
  • New Pro Clubs – Create your own Pro Club by using the new player progression updates in career mode. Recruit the best Elite players, upgrade them, showcase them in goal and around the field, create team and stadium designs, enter virtual tournaments around the world, and earn rewards for your club’s performance. The game contains virtual tournaments with two-player options, real cash prizes and the chance to improve your career stats and win unique rewards.
  • FIFA on iOS – New to iOS, the side-by-side touch-based control scheme mimics the 2-stick approach on a console controller. It also ensures a seamless match control, transitions from passing on the touch screen to player control and “stick” control on the action. New to FIFA on iOS, the one-handed controls ensure improved precision and accuracy by providing a more stable and responsive control on the touch screen.
  • Early Access Season
  • Glitch fixes
  • Suits & Equipment improvements
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes
  • New Career Mode options
  • New ios features


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports video game franchise that has sold over 250 million copies since its debut on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in September 1993 and as such it is widely considered to be the “World’s Most Popular Sport Videogame.” Since September 2013, FIFA has also been the official videogame of FIFA, the world’s largest global football tournament with over 500 million players, hosted by FIFA every four years.

FIFA World Cup: Brazil 2014™ presented by EA SPORTS™

For the first time in history, one of the world’s most popular sporting events, the FIFA World Cup™, will be a fully featured football simulation, with the most highly anticipated tournament ever created by the franchise. For the very first time in history, fans worldwide will be able to experience the magic of the World Cup™ and FIFA World Cup™ the video game, on home consoles.

Launched in September 2013, FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™ presented by EA SPORTS and featuring 832 players, including 526 from UEFA nations, is the official videogame of the FIFA World Cup™ 2014 in Brazil. From June 12 to July 13, fans will be able to join the action as Brazil takes on Germany in an all-new World Cup™ experience, where the playstyle, game modes and overall experience will take a new and innovative turn.

Key Features

Key Features:

Powered by Football: FIFA 22 features fundamental gameplay improvements that make its engine leaner, faster, and more responsive. Whether you are playing on the field or in the dugout, you will feel like your team’s equipment is lighter, more agile, and more responsive.

FIFA 22 features fundamental gameplay improvements that make its engine leaner, faster, and more responsive. Whether you are playing on the field or in the dugout, you will feel like your team’s equipment is lighter, more agile, and more responsive. Upgraded Visual Experience: From stadium upgrades to new camera angles to breakthrough lighting, FIFA 22 delivers an enhanced visual experience on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

From stadium upgrades to new camera angles to breakthrough lighting, FIFA 22 delivers an enhanced visual experience on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Performance Based Match Engine: Through a combination of new data and a refined engine that calculates player decision making more accurately, FIFA 22’s engine will be leaner, faster, and more responsive


How To Crack Fifa 22:

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System Requirements:

DirectX® 11.0
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2300 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent
Hard Drive: 26GB available space
Internet connection
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