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While it is true that you can connect your mobile device and view files stored there, usually you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Another more tedious option would be to open the image, video or text files one by one and verify their content.
MobileFileSearch is a small application designed to help you avert this ordeal and save a lot of time and energy. As the name suggests, the tool allows you to search for files stored on your tablet or smartphone using multiple criteria.
Comes with an advanced search option
The app does not require installation, so you can use it as soon as you decompress the archive. Upon launch you are welcomed by the Search Window where you need to specify the device, base folder, the number of subfolders that should be checked, potential wildcards, the minimum and maximum file size as well as some details about the time stamp, if possible.
Providing that you introduced the data correctly, the application displays all finding that match your criteria in a list so you can narrow down your search for a specific file from here. You should bear in mind that the list is quite detailed and includes information such as filename, full path, object name, object ID, created time, modified time, authored time, file extension, file size, allow delete, system, hidden, DRM protected, device name and device ID.
A handy tool to find specific files on your mobile device
In conclusion, MobileFileSearch is a program that can come in handy for anyone who does not use cloud storage or synchronization to keep their data updated across all devices. Thanks to its advanced search, you can browse through and find all the files you need without having to wait for the computer to scan the device first or preview images, documents or videos one by one.







MobileFileSearch Crack+ [32|64bit]

✔ Find files
✔ Automated search
✔ Search all folders on a specific device
✔ Performs search by file size
✔ Advanced search options
✔ Search by object name, object ID or file extension
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Why does my child display a random value for a field I assigned?

I am using Microsoft Access and I have a form which contains a few Text Boxes and Drop Down List items. I am running in to an issue where I created a record without assigning a value to a field. When I go to view the record I still see the value that I assigned during the record creation process. It’s very annoying.
Is there a setting that needs to be enabled for this to work?


Are you sure you were inserting a record into the table (no default values)? Maybe you could ask the question in the access forum:

When you first meet someone you meet someone who has one foot in the past and one foot in the future. The present is the place where you are, but even so you have a past, and a future. You are living in the middle.

Sometimes life can feel like that. Sometimes you feel like you are in the middle between past and future. If you have kids, the future that is so easy to see is the future of your kids, but somehow we lose sight of the fact that there is also a future for us that is almost as easy to miss. We miss it because it is harder to see. It is like you go out of the room to work, come back and then pretend you were never there.

As kids we are living in the middle between time and we are figuring it out. We love our parents, we are confused by our parents and we often want to turn their clock backward, or turn their clock forward.

We know that it is hard for them. If we watched their clock we would become that old. That would be scary. Sometimes we want to turn it back so that we do not turn back. We get a little bored of the past sometimes. We feel a little desperate for the future.

As an adult we are in this place all the time, and it is exhausting. It is not easy to see the future. It is easier to look

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7 Apps To Turn Your Smartphone Into An Office-Themed Jigsaw Puzzle

You’re trying to make a presentation about your mobile app business and you want to capture the imagination of your audience. You find yourself stuck. I would typically use one of these four approaches but they are wearing thin.
They are now all ineffective. John Crestani over at has come to the rescue. Here you are gleaning secrets on how to turn any simple image into a fun but informative and interesting jigsaw puzzle to use in your business presentations or to just to amuse yourself.
The example he shows here is a Mickey Mouse jigsaw puzzle picture but he uses the same strategy in his other examples.
The example, of course, was sent to me by Mr. Crestani with the note in the bottom left hand corner saying « Adam ». Yes, I know, that’s not real text but this is my blog, I can say what I want.
The original picture of course, is available upon request. If you are unsure of your audience’s level of interest, you can always send the real text version or just send the picture that you want to use and see how it looks.

How to use Skype with your android mobile/tablet? | This is a video tutorial on how to use Skype with your android mobile or tablet so that you can use Skype call or skype call through your mobile. To use Skype on your Android, you need to install a third party application called “Skype” on your mobile or tablet.
This video is related to Skype for Mobile

How to use Skype on your android mobile/tablet? | This is a video tutorial on how to use Skype

MobileFileSearch Download [Mac/Win]

Find specific files on your mobile deviceQ:

Schedule task and run one after the other

I am trying to run a code written in python on some conditions with a while loop. The code is run in background but I am finding difficulties scheduling it. What I am looking for is to run the code in background with say an interval of every 2 minutes for first 5 minutes. After that, the code should run every 5 minutes. If the code completes its task with a success then it should not run any more. If the task is failed then the code should run after 1 day.
from random import *
from datetime import *

while True:
r.randint(0, 1000000)
from time import *

# Start time
now = time()
now.strftime(‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S’)
start = now

# End time
end = now + timedelta(seconds=3600)

# Duration of task
duration = end – start
duration_seconds = duration.total_seconds()
duration_days = duration.days + duration.seconds/86400

# Hour
h = duration_days/86400
# Minute
m = duration_days % 86400
# Second
s = duration_days % 86400 % 86400
# Log info
info = « Done. »
print str(h) + ‘:’ + str(m) + ‘:’ + str(s) + » + str(duration_days) + » + \
 » + str(duration_days.days) + » + str(duration_days.seconds) + info


maybe something like that can help you :
import time
import random

while True:
r.randint(0, 1000000)
from time import *
now = time()

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MySQL 3d column index vs 2d column index

Let’s say I have a table with a column of integers. If I have a query like this:
select * from tbl where f0=1 and f1=3

What is the difference (if any) between this query and the following query:
select * from tbl where f1=3 and f2=1

I know that the first query will use the 3d column index, and the second will use a 2d column index. I want to know if there is any difference in speed or any performance implications.


If you can make the f0 and f1 columns an index, then the 2d will be faster.
Try EX

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