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Alan’s Math will make the learning of basic arithmetic a fun thing to do. This software introduces Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division to the user in a flash-card type scenario. Easy interface for kids. Fun sounds keep kids interested. Many configuration options available.
All answers and setting changes are logged. Full help file. Running count of correct and incorrect answers. Very popular program, used worldwide in schools, homes, and other learning environments.
Here are some key features of « Alan’s Math »:
■ Tests Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
■ Easy Interface For Kids
■ Solution Generator
■ Fun Sounds Keep Kids Interested
■ Many Configuration Options Available
■ All Answers and Setting Changes Are Logged
■ Running Count of Correct and Incorrect Answers
■ Very Popular Program, Used Worldwide
■ Help File
■ Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Files







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This application is designed to deliver realistic and crisp noises. This tool is a quiet program which gives you the option of loading up your favorite sound file, or generating a random and unique sound based on your choice.
For this program to be effective, you need to have the sound file loaded, prior to playing. In our tests, we found that random sounds were the most effective. (5.1.0)
Main Features:
■ Volume control can be adjusted
■ Choose between different source sounds
■ Saves generated sounds to the sound list
■ Random play and repeat
■ Unlimited number of sounds
■ Choose between play, rewind and repeat
■ Playback is played along to a song currently playing
■ Plays using the computer audio, so can be used as a background sound
■ Ability to play sounds in the right speakers (1,2,3,4,5)
■ Audio Sequencer
■ Random play can be used to generate your own custom sounds
■ Repeat can be used to create your own alarm (for example when traffic is bad)
■ Sound List can be used to select particular sound files
■ Audio can be played with volume control
■ Audio file can be dragged and dropped to the program
■ Playback can be paused
■ Backup and restore sound lists
■ Save customized sounds to the list
■ Unlimited number of saved sounds
■ Saved sound list can be copied
■ Sound list is ordered by most recently used
■ Saves the current list for future use
■ Task manager for process control
■ ‘Restart’ button for easiest startup
■ Saves date and time to a.WAV file
■ Saves the sound list to a.WAV file for easy restore
■ Options dialog box is shown when first run
■ Sound file dialog boxes are always shown
■ Sound file dialog boxes are easily accessible
■ Tooltips are provided for all dialog boxes
■ Any time you start the program you have the option of adding any sound file you choose
■ Each sound file has a label to match it to a specific source (i.e. a song name)
■ For source sounds chosen from the

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We have created a application that makes it easier than ever to make your own popular music sounds.
The functions are simple, all you have to do is select an instrument, add pitch, amp and meter, and then play your tune. The best part of this application is that you can adjust the pitch, amp and meter to suit your needs – making this one of the most powerful applications of it’s type.
– Supports drums, bass, guitar, organs, piano, strings, synths, vocals and lead
– Various instruments can be added at once (e.g. all guitar instruments at once)
– Adjustable pitch, amp and meter settings
– Specify sample rate of playback
– Full screen mode (Mac OS X only)
– Undo/redo
– Delete track
– Instrument-based export (WAV, AIFF)
– Plugin-based export (AAD, VST, AU)
– Built in audio editor
– Multiple instruments can be added at once (8 at once on Mac)
– Drag and drop
– Realtime preview of exported sounds
– Export sounds for all instruments
– Customizable toolbar
– Undo/redo, delete track, confirm export, export sounds and show audio editor
– Support all popular audio formats (WAV, AIFF, AAD, AU, VST)
– Convert audio from one format to another
– Save and load presets
– Supports 24-bit, 32-bit and 48-bit audio
– Built in audio editor for quick cuts and edits
– Built in effect editor for adding different compression and limiting
– Built in audio equalizer for adjust sound levels
– Built in amplitude and frequency analyzer
– A ton of different presets, some quite amazing
The application is a Macintosh only app, and is for education purposes only. The app is free and has a 50 sounds limit. If you want more sounds, we suggest to use the Audio Hijack PRO and Audacity or Ardour.
You can find more information about the application at

This is the second video. This time we take a ride to a deserted island.
Welcome to the deserted island. There’s no one on here but us.
It’s a beautiful afternoon.
Let’s check out the environment around.
Look! An old shipwreck there.
Maybe there’s a pirate around here.

Noise Generator

« We have all heard them: the annoying, high-pitched beeps that accompany a sudden power outage or come at the end of a searing guitar solo. Well, there’s an app for that: nocti. No, it doesn’t stop night-time noise pollution; nocti turns it into music.
Nocti turns your iPad into an infinite number of out-of-tune guitar amps, synthesizers, or sirens. To add new sounds, just send your iBeacons a wake-up code. Then, just activate the corresponding app and press the correct notes!
The app’s primary purpose is to help you sleep better, but if you’ve got an iPad and can spare the battery power, you really should give it a try.
To add a sound to your collection, follow these steps:
1. Download, drag, and drop the app in your iBooks library.
2. Select the sound you want to add from the playlist.
3. Activate the corresponding app and begin singing!
Nocti works best with the iBeacons in your iPad’s Notification Center. Open the Notification Center and press and hold any sound in there until the iBeacon (it looks like a small clock) starts blinking and changing colors. Nocti will then match the noise and play the corresponding sound in the background!
Nocti is fully functional without an internet connection. In fact, you can use it offline and add a new sound without a WiFi connection. »
■ Powerful & Unique
■ No wifi required
■ Only 4.3 MB file size
■ No ads
■ Unlimited fun
Please feel free to use my add-ins, but if you wish to give back to me, please donate to the home of RiaFlash.
I’ll be pretty surprised if I get positive feedback, since my add-in for WannabeSucks.DLL is not quite up to my expectations, but I still wish to give users a chance to use it.
« Replay » by Studio Tonny
Replay simply adds all movies to the DB, and plays them right after adding a movie. It’s a handy application if you’re talking about movies.
To be short, the difference between Replay and other movie players like medibonitor.exe or Movie Watcher for Maxthon is « Replay » – uses fewer

What’s New In Noise Generator?

Noise Generator is a free noise generator with many useful features for a newbie.
This free and small to download app is a real time sound generator.
Now you can have the pleasure of annoying others around you.
Make your own noise? Of course!
You can even be the main character, and create noises, melodies, beats, and sounds in real time.
Create as much Noise as you want…
The sounds generated are customisable, and the interface is intuitive.
Use the keyboard or Widget to modify the settings.
Use the control interface to access all features.
In the Preferences you can select which ‘dimensions’ will be displayed in the main interface.
Specify the styles and colors for each elements of the interface.
You can choose to hide the controls interface completely.
Use the built in alarm.
You can even have a companion program that generates the noise for you.
Specify the frequency range in Hz of the Noise.
Choose from a list of over 300 registered musical notes.
Use the keying/layering mode.
Make your Noise more appealing.
You can choose to enable or disable playback of the Noise.
Use the Invert function to change the direction of Noise.
You can also select which sound will be played if the first sound was played.
Select the key that is in rhythm with the keypress.
Generate beats.
Use the X-Y mode to make complex beats.
After creating a Noise you can add it to a Widget, so you can play it repeatedly.
Making noise is fun, make Noise, share it…
The Android community is looking forward to seeing a newly released Android app.
Here is the link:

■ Android 1.5 or later.
XPlayer is an alternative player for iTunes, allowing you to listen music from your computer over WiFi, Cell Phone or Bluetooth on your Android.
Key Features:
■ Listen music from your computer over WiFi, Cell Phone or Bluetooth on your Android phone.
■ Compatible with iTunes libraries.
■ Listen and download music from iTunes library within seconds.
■ Enjoy your music on your Android phone.
■ Compatible with over 100 million free songs.
■ Download music from your computer over WiFi or Cell Phone/Bluetooth on your Android

System Requirements For Noise Generator:

Wii U GamePad is required for this experience.
View the GamePad in the game menus under the « controls » tab.
The game requires a wireless internet connection.
In order to use the touch screen, either a controller is connected or the Wii U GamePad is connected to the system via a second HDMI port.
This game does not require a copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be released on Wii U on December 8th 2014, Nintendo of Europe.