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OutlookStatView is a tiny, portable and resourceful application that displays general information on your Microsoft Outlook account, such as the number of emails sent to a particular person.
As installation is not a requirement, you can drop the executable file anywhere on the hard disk and click it to run immediately.
The other possibility is to save a copy of the app to a pen drive or similar removable device, to be able to use it on any machine effortlessly, without previously installing anything.
In addition, the Windows registry is not updated with new entries, and no files are created on the hard disk without your permission, leaving no traces behind after removal.
At startup it is required to select the Outlook profile. You can also set the app to scan messages by time and date range (and select the time zone), to take into account only emails created in the last days (user-defined), as well as to scan only specified folders (e.g. inbox, sent items, full path). Subfolders may be included for the last method. Plus, you can create an exclusion list with locations, as well as skip exchange public directories.
Shown information includes the email address and domain, together with total incoming and outgoing messages, among many other fields. It is possible to export all or just selected items to HTML, TXT, CSV or XML format, send a new email to the selected contact directly from OutlookStatView, as well as to use a search function when dealing with large amounts of data.
The app has minimal impact on computer resources, since it needs low CPU and RAM to work properly. It loads Outlook information quickly after making the initial configuration, showing accurate data. We have not experienced any difficulties in our evaluation, since OutlookStatView did not hang, crash or pop up errors.
Apart from the fact that its interface should be redesigned to become more appealing, this tool should please all users who want to keep track of their Outlook email information.









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An OutlookStatView Download With Full Crack is a tool that can be used by all Outlook users to quickly view all existing messages in their inbox, to personalise, change the look and feel, to create a calendar of messages by using the Date column information as a basis.
On a daily basis, they would like to be updated with the number of messages contained in their inbox, as well as to keep track of the new messages.
Over time and with the increasing amount of messages, this tool can be used to personalise and organise their email.
OutlookStatView Cracked 2022 Latest Version runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 2008.
OutlookStatView Features:
* Task Sorter for Tasks: Two fast-sorting methods are available: by subject and by completed date.
* OutlookProfile Support: OutlookStatView remembers the Outlook profile selected for the first run. The profile that is specified for the first run can be set to be the default.
* Outlook Stat View list excludes Exchange Public Folders: You can make a list of excluded folders. It is possible to add and delete them from the list.
* Skipping Directories: Advanced users can skip Exchange Public Folders and specify a list of addresses to exclude.
* Skipping Exchange Public Folders: Advanced users can make a list of excluded Exchange Public Folders and specify a list of addresses to exclude.
* Export to CSV: CSV files can be saved in any location.
* Email-to-Text Feature: Simple and advanced ways to convert email into plain text format.
* Full Options View: You can see general information, view selected emails, sort by the date.
* Easy Scanning: Select date and time. It is possible to scan only messages based on the last day, week or by month.
* Import CSV: Import CSV file data into the list. The CSV file can be exported before it is imported.
* Outlook Stat View Tables: Can display contact, folder, message and subfolder details into tables, for quick review.
* Selectable Date-and-Time-Ranges: You can create a date and time range and select messages within it.
* Email-to-New-E-Mail-Dialog: Simple and advanced ways to convert email into a new message in the Inbox.
* Email Search: Search for messages with a given expression (sent to, sent from, cc, bcc, reply-to, subject or body).
* Email-

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ListView is a fast, small and high quality ListView replacement. Although not taking up very much space or consuming high amounts of system resources, it is far faster than the original Win32 ListView. The application also offers quite a few extras that the original ListView does not offer. (Windows 7 included)
Just like the original, you can also edit the styles, remove the header, footer and columns. You can also define the font, color and the spacing between columns and headers/footers. Plus, it enables you to add « notes », to which the description is linked. So your « notes » will also be displayed on top of your list.
Along with the format, you can also define the number of items per line and you can use items of any size and type. In addition, you can have full control over the item and column headers. Finally, you can add any icon and link to any webpage. Just like the original ListView.
This is the most complex version yet. It contains:
– a « User Settings » menu with all of the options in the lower section.
– a library of icons and a few other things for you to see.
– two sample pages with the settings to give you the general idea.
– the ListView itself.
– several improvements to the ListView.
– a few other extras.
*** The « mini library » contains the minimum necessary icons to see ListView in action, in their most basic form. You don’t need to get the full application just to see ListView.
ListView has been tested on Windows XP and


OutlookStatView is a small utility that helps you keep track of your email messages and contacts in Microsoft Outlook.
Help you count the number of emails, and instant messages sent. You can sort results by size, date, type of messages and other criteria.
You can export the data in a variety of formats: plain text, HTML, CSV and XML. This tool helps you keep track of your email messages sent and received, the number of messages sent and received, the time spent on each message and the number of unread messages.
You can create a contact list directly from the search results. The program gives you detailed information about all contacts in your Outlook account.
You can get information about contacts – personal data, aliases and so on.
You can create a search list – a quick and easy way to sort messages according to time or date range.
And there’s more! This tool can also help you sort by size – the number of lines in a message. The program provides a sort window that will help you choose the right field when you do a sorting operation.
It is available for users with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95 and Windows XP – both x64 and x86 versions.
System Requirements:
Microsoft Outlook
Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Retail $19.95;
Demo mode available for 14 days

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What’s New in the?

Attachment Statistics Viewer – IMAP provides a sophisticated client-server communications model for users of portable devices. The product also takes advantage of that model to add functionality to popular email clients.

Attachment Statistics Viewer is the view of the latest change. This is the results of a little survey you are doing. Now you are trying to have a comparison of mail size.
It is time to test this view and export reports with various filters – you are going to determine in which formats the backup mails are distributed.
Attachment Statistics Viewer is a free Outlook plugin that provides an efficient way to track how many attachments you have stored in the account, and to export them to the desired folder.
The structure allows you to add and synchronize the latest changes in your mailbox – these are used to export and archive attachments.
On your other PC, Attachment Statistics Viewer transfers the archive of your mailbox to the FTP server – you can use this tool to search for specified attachments and transfer a small number of emails.
Attachment Statistics Viewer can perform different functions depending on the user’s needs – the setup wizard allows you to specify the file format that you use to export attachments, set a user’s shell view settings, and determine the transfer bandwidth.
Moreover, you can choose what items to extract from the archive, which will appear in the viewer, and determine the backup frequency.
The Attachment Statistics Viewer can control the Office 2003 backup and restore functions, along with Advanced Attachments Viewer, and the backup and restore functions of an ActiveSync-based mobile device.
Outlook plugin that provides a comparison of the latest changes in email storage. Attachment Statistics Viewer has a convenient interface that allows you to add items to your list, and export them to the desired folder.
Attachment Statistics Viewer is a free Outlook plugin that provides an efficient way to track how many attachments you have stored in the account, and to export them to the desired folder.

Outlook Statistics Viewer is an addon for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010.
This add-on is able to export emails to a file directly from Outlook.
Outlook Statistics Viewer also supports filtering on basic attributes, such as sent date, by domain name, and also by exchange email server.
You can also run a search on the number of messages in a given mailbox, as well as on the last modification date of emails.
Furthermore, the tool supports a bookmark or file system link function to


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: 2.2 GHz Processor or better
HDD: 3.0 GB free space
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