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When you get used to writing down your thought on a regular basis, you need to make sure your journal is always within reach, so you can easily get it and put down a fleeting idea or feeling.
Ponder for Chrome aims to help you in this regard, as it puts your journal right in your browser, so it is always a mouse click away.
Keep a diary in your browser
As soon as you install this add-on in your Chrome browser, your New Tab page is replaced with a new customized one, where you are invited to enter your name.
Next, you are asked to choose the type of writing you are mostly interested in, such as daily productivity, daily lists or daily reflection, along with creative, self-reflection or free texts. All the data you enter is save locally, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected.
You can also activate a reminder so you do not forget to create content for your blog or your online accounts (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit or Pinterest).
Explore your progress and statistics
Once you have created one or more entries, Ponder offers you the possibility to explore previous notes and maybe even continue writing if you are feeling particularly inspired.
A progress chart is also generated and you can view information such as how many you words you have written today or the current week, along with the longest streak. You can jump directly to a certain day using the integrated calendar.
Additionally, Ponder offers you the chance to get familiarized with several hotkeys and quickly skip a prompt, take a break or start writing as soon as you open a new tab.
To summarize, Ponder can help you regain your motivation to keep a daily journal, while also displaying affirmation and encouraging you to identify and appreciate the good things in your day to day existence.







Ponder For Chrome Crack Serial Key Free Download For Windows [April-2022]

Ponder is an online journaling tool that allows you to take in the good and the bad of your daily life.

You can write as much or as little as you like.

Themes – when writing your thoughts, you can choose from a pre-defined category or you can write them free-form.

Reminders – You can choose a reminder as you go to type a note.

Timestamp – Notes and entries are timestamped so you can quickly jump to a specific note/entry.

Save as RSS – « Save to RSS » allows you to keep notes to one site easily sync to your other devices.

Synchronization – Any changes you make in one device, are automatically transferred to the other.

Request to Experiment – Leave this box checked to see if we are capable of creating a more intuitive tool.

Works with Google Chrome

Ponder for Chrome Cracked Version Review:

Ponder is the only journaling tool that I would want to keep with me and use every day. You don’t have to write long pages everyday. You can write things down in a few minutes and even edit them later if you are not satisfied with them.

You can keep your journal anywhere. You don’t need to have a computer in the room with you. You just need to have a smartphone with you. You can write it down, you can edit it later, you can share your thoughts with your friends or on social media.

You have a range of choices when it comes to creating an entry. You can enter a free text or you can enter a specific category (like negative emotions, fun things, positive emotions, good memories, random thoughts etc). You can also enter a date and you can also link your entry to a website.

Creating an entry is very easy and straightforward. It works with almost any website. You can enter a comment, a post or a link.

I really like the design of this journal. It is very simple and clear. You can even read it with your phone. It has the classic style of blue and black. It is interesting to note that if you go to the Settings, you can get some information about the service including the name, the location (if you have selected one) and how much data you have saved.

Writing a journal is fun. It is such a simple thing and such a powerful one. It is easy to have positive feelings about your

Ponder For Chrome Crack Full Product Key

Ponder is a tool that shows a prompt every day at a pre-selected time and helps you to capture your thoughts. It is an easy to use and powerful tool and anybody can start working with it. In an effort to use it in the most effective way possible Ponder provides a customised home page and friendly prompts that encourage daily reflections.

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Ponder For Chrome Crack + PC/Windows

Ponder is a Google Chrome extension and a personal assistant, which can help you write down your thoughts and ideas in a simple, stylish and powerful way. The add-on will check your text every 15 minutes and notify you if it finds any new writing ideas, funny stories, your most influential quotes, or if there are any new and important issues that you should be aware of.
Chromium Software, 2015

If you have an office job, you will be sitting on your butt for 8 hours, 5 days a week. So, in order to stay productive, you need to have enough physical as well as mental space. So, while you can have a separate desk at home, what if you cannot swing that?
Here comes the clever Hack: have one project notebook and use it every day.
Use a Project Notebook
A project notebook can be anything from a plain laptop notepad, a whiteboard to a planner. But, its main purpose is to save notes, quotes and short tips that you can use as next day inspiration to remind you to do something or achieve a goal.
Don’t use it to store information
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Notebooks are just a way to store information on the virtual paper, while Project Notebooks are a way to have a physical space, where you can pay attention to your material.
By logging and exploring information, you are becoming familiar with the process of gaining insight, so you can make a note of that and expand upon that later on.
What to look for while choosing a project notebook
If you are going to buy a project notebook, look for something with which you can easily write, something which will be protected from moisture and moisture which will be a pain the behind to clean if you work from home.
Additionally, you want something which is not too heavy that will get cramps in your hand.
Other than that, I think that anything that can help you organize your ideas, is great. The notebook also needs to be accessible in order to learn new things.

What’s New in the Ponder For Chrome?

Ponder is a dynamic tool that allows you to create and save new content and interact with your friends and relatives. With this unobtrusive add-on, you will always have your journal at hand and have the possibility to interact with your family and friends.
Developed by MooLoo, the original creator of the Moo.do widget.
Key Features:
– Create different types of content: Daily productivity, Daily lists, Daily reflection, Creative, Self-reflection or Free texts
– Choose the best time and place to write: At the office, in the train, in the toilet or in bed
– Create and start a blog (optional)
– Customize your dashboard and notifications
– Stay motivated by reading and commenting your friends’ updates
– Help in creating an amazing experience
Supported browsers:
– Chrome: 75.0.3770.142
– Chromium 75.0.3770.142 (Chrome)
Additional Information:
– Notifications: on
– Login: no
– Minimal supported browsers: Chrome
– Recommended system requirements:
– Windows
– Chrome
About MooLoo:
MooLoo is a company that creates sophisticated dynamic widgets that will help you in managing your digital life.
Contact us:
– Website: www.mooloo.io
– Twitter: twitter.com/MooLoo

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System Requirements:

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2GB RAM or higher (3GB or 4GB recommended)
4GB HDD space for install (5GB or higher recommended)
Additional Notes:
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