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Razordesk Cracked Version is one of the most powerful, affordable and easy-to-use support desk software on the market. With one simple buy, all your customers need is Internet access.
Razordesk is compatible with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).
A major part of Razordesk is the managed service. Managed services are included in your subscription at no extra cost.
Razordesk supports remote login to any machine with Internet access. The software will monitor the browser « cookies » and other unique identifiable client information to match the client request with his/her login information. This allows the client to login even when he/she has not done it previously.
Razordesk can also automatically collect information needed to enhance the client experience. Examples of the collected information are; auth cookie, IP address, browser user agent, session cookie, language and client’s « session » id.
Razordesk is Internet based, so you can configure your server to capture and forward all related incoming mail, e-mails and faxes to Razordesk. These messages are accessible via the web interface.
All Razordesk reports and charts are generated using TeeChart, a free charts and graphs library.
Razordesk provides you a module for outbound email; inbound email, scan and indexing, all for free. Each module is optional; but none of the modules are optional if you want to have an effective support team.
The support team also has 2 optional modules that can be used depending on your support requirements:
Email alarm
This module saves information on who should receive support email alerts when a problem is reported on your website.
Email escalation
This module allows you to configure monitoring frequency and times. If there is a problem to be solved, Razordesk will send an email alert.
Managed services:
Razordesk manages the computers (on-site) of your support team. You pay the fixed monthly fee for a set number of computers.
In case a technician would like to visit your customers, Razordesk provides you with a list of the computers that your technicians are assigned to.
If your customers would like to be visited by Razordesk’s technicians, you pay a flat fee per technician.
The support desk will save all the information of the technicians in case they need to be retrieved at a later date.
Trouble shooting with Razordesk:
The standard support desk on-site services works fine if

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Hi there,
You must have seen a lot of helpdesksystems but have you ever seen a helpdesk that don’t want you to do something?
We say we are efficient, but still, we need to tell you that we just cannot install your « cool » desk.
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That’s right, we save you the hassle of installing the helpdesksystem.
All you need to do is install the helpdeskapplication and a few other components on your server and we do all the setup for you.
We also take care of all your existing connections and configurations.
You cannot find this easy solution anywhere else and since we are up-to-date with Microsoft technology, you can be sure that you are using the most modern technology available on the market today.
If you cannot find what you need, just ask.
We do it all for you, all you have to do is ask.
Razordesk The People:
Tero Punama, Development Manager
Sikke Sjesterd, Webmaster
Joost Klein, Server Guy
Brian Sammons, Developer
What Others Say:
« Easiest to setup help desk – In our point of view the best support desk available today. Highly recommended to everyone. »
Steve Garrod
Marketing Manager
« Extremely simple to install and integrate with our current system, a pleasure from end-user to administrator to be able to see the progress and status of reports at any time »
James J.
System Administrator
« Razordesk is set up and ready to go in a few short minutes. The support is exceptional and they are very helpful. We are certainly happy with our choice. »
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What’s New In Razordesk?

Razordesk is a Web-based Application that will connect your business to the Internet. And you’ll be able to manage your customer, goods, sales and support, as well as your organisation’s files, with the click of a button.
Razordesk (or Razo Desktop as we affectionately call it) is cloud based software, allowing you to manage your customers, goods, sales and support from any computer connected to the Internet using any web browser, and it will run on your server, enabling you to manage it remotely.
Additional features include:
■ Easy and quick creation of new customers, buyers and orders
■ Email notification, pop-up and page requests
■ Push email functionality
■ Email support via support@razordesk.com
■ Phone support via 0800123456
■ XML based data exchange with other web based software
■ PDF export of web based data exchange
■ FTP export of web based data exchange
■ Inbound email via POP3 or IMAP
■ Spooling of email data
■ Inbound/Outbound SMS
■ HTML & PDF reports
■ Multi-Site support
■ Directory & Email integration
■ Google Docs
And we haven’t even mentioned:
■ Customizable Application Templates
■ Multi-Site Log In
■ Unlimited Users
■ Managed Service
Don’t believe us? Take for example the ‘User Guide’ that comes with Razordesk and see it for yourself!

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