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The world of Oblivion shares many similarities with the world of Tarnished. A thousand years ago, in the ruins of the great kingdom, the Nu-nors – the descendants of humans and the Shorter People – re-emerged. They built their land from the remnants of the royal city of Serediese, and constructed a land in which even dragons and elves can co-exist. Along with an Elden Giant, who resides in the mountains of the northern islands, they have been living a peaceful life in the Lands Between for thousands of years.

But it seems as though this peaceful life is about to end. Silma, the most powerful Queen of the Nu-nors, has cast a curse over the Lands Between. Humans, elves, and dragons will be disappearing, and the humans and Shorter People will become a mindless race of slaves.

The only one who can help prevent this horrific fate is you – an outsider from the Lands Between. By conquering the nine provinces of the land, you will be able to awaken the power of the Elden Ring. By defeating enemies and collecting the heart pieces of the slumbering Elder Dragons, you will become a pillar of light in the Lands Between and help the Elden Ring.

Is there any hope for the lands? It is up to you to choose.


■ About the Gamplay Changes

The original game launched in Japan on April 9th, 2014 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Since then, we have gained many suggestions and supported by our fans, we have improved various elements of the game. For example, we added a reduction in the number of shadows to eliminate the burden on the processing resources of the hardware. The game has also been improved with the addition of improved game play features. As a result, there are some noticeable differences to the appearance of the game and our original plan.

In order to further improve and evolve the game, we are implementing some changes to the game play and items.

■ Battle System

– Combat Mechanics

The elemental force is exerted in the entire network in the game world, allowing you to move seamlessly across the world. The strength and power of your attack is the same as your movement power, and your attack power can be increased through the action of wizards.

The element of your attack is determined at the time of attack in addition to the action of a wizard. For example,


Features Key:

  • Classless Skill Tree
  • Huge Skill Growth
  • Eliminate all constraints on your game play such as classes, classes and equipment
  • Endless Action: True RPG
  • Play any weapon and any armor of your character’s choice and mix them freely
  • Massive Skill Growth
  • Open System that doesn’t constrain you to a single resolution
  • Support Selective Autodraw (Drawing) for all character models and attacks in single or multiplayer






    woman challenger james irvin tries to remain calm wen confronted by champion jime pacman vera at glendale



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    The engine has a unique physics system that allows you to control the character completely smoothly

    The battle system is full of innovations including a « Guardian spell system » that allows the player to easily use a wide range of skills

    Over 10 classes to choose from, including a warlock class which can use magic and even support others

    As for the sound and music, the songs have melodies that are immediately catchy, and the sound effects are soothing

    A large number of items to collect and equip, which allows for variety and interaction between the game and items

    Character customization is also extensive, allowing you to customize the look, weapons, clothing, and more of your own character

    The design of the character poses are also magnificent, and the animations are beautiful.

    Overall, this game is a title that I really enjoyed playing

    Elden Ring recommends.

    *PlayStation 4*

    Character creation is easy thanks to the various customization options

    The user interface is simple, but as an instantaneously intuitive and smooth experience

    The physics and action sequences are all polished and well-done

    Audio is immersive and nice, and the character development is comprehensive

    The vast world you can freely explore has been rendered beautifully, and there are many items to take advantage of

    The common game glitches are few and not great

    This game is a title I highly recommend

    Elden Ring says.

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    Elden Ring With Key Latest

    ・Simple Combat
    ・Fully Customizable Characters
    ・A Vast World Full of Excitement
    ・Play as a Hero or Dragonlord
    ・Asynchronous Online Play

    ■ System (Subtitle: Online Play)
    ・Rising Moon (Playable Phases)
    ・Arcane Circle

    Character Creation
    Game & Battle System
    Elden Ring (RPG)

    Combat System

    Dungeon Exploration

    Single & Multiplayer



    Cross Platform

    ■ Rising Moon

    Subtitle: (Playable Phases)

    1) Rising Moon Phase
    The protagonist’s soul (Elden Lord) is fallen from a shadow world. It becomes a Tarnished one, and the protagonist, riding on its back, travels between the shadow world and the mortal world. In this world, the protagonist freely comes and goes, and, in the course of that, they grow and face a new challenge.

    Fading Menace: The protagonist receives battle requests from various towns.
    Leveling & Upgrading: Some of the protagonist’s abilities (Physical, Magic, etc.) are upgraded. At this time, the protagonist obtains money, which is used to buy equipment and items.

    The protagonist’s (Elden Lord) body also changes. It can acquire various items and skills.

    Development of an “Elden Ring” is in progress, and both the weapons and magic currently in use by the protagonist are set in that world.

    2) Book of Dusk
    The protagonist who completes the final chapter of the Rising Moon phase gains access to the Book of Dusk.

    Book of Dusk Phase
    With the protagonist as a newly developed “Elden Lord,” they start moving from Dawn to Dusk.
    Dawn Phase
    The protagonist receives battle requests from various towns.

    Dawn Magic Stone – Battles begun during the Dawn Phase are won by magic alone.
    Dawn Magic Stone – If the protagonist collects 12 magic stones, they can perform a “Synchro” to gain an effect.
    Dawn Skill – Some of the protagonist’s abilities (Physical, Magic, etc.) are upgraded. At this time, the protagonist obtains money, which is used to buy equipment and items.

    As the protagonist gains EXP, new skills and abilities are given to them.



    What’s new:

    * Choose Your Action
    • Guards, Dungeons, and the Worgen
    • 8 classes, 6 races, 17 items (weapons, armor, foods, and special items such as a Wand of Magicka, which temporarily increases the stats of all the items in the same category you equip), and more

    Developer information:

    Q : What is an original fantasy you would want to create if you were making an RPG?

    A : The many and varied worlds and various characters that are born from mythology.

    Q : Please tell us the reason you decided to make an ARPG for mobile devices </


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    How To Crack:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32-bit)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.40GHz
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GT 320
    Storage: 20 GB available space
    Video: NVIDIA Geforce 7300 GS
    Additional Notes: On AMD, the 64-bit OS will be required (Windows 8.1 and 10)


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