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Title: Elder Guardians
Platform: Android
Developer: Cygames Co., Ltd.

Press release on the official site:

About the game
The next chapter of the RPG adventure, Elder Guardians is now on the App Store!

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the players for enjoying our mobile game so far.

Latest news
• September 5, 2018
Following the completion of the launching of Elder Guardians 3.0 on iOS, the game will be going back to its original state.
• December 13, 2017
The game is going to be started online again in January 2018 with a new ending.
• October 25, 2017
We are planning to add new quests and characters as well as changes to the gameplay and graphics.
• May 22, 2017
We are planning to add the theme song to the game.
• April 29, 2017
The setting of the game is shifting to the Lands Between, the zone between Shuyin and the Under Heaven.
• March 16, 2017
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• February 9, 2017
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• January 30, 2017
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• December 1, 2016
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• August 9, 2016
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• June 27, 2016
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• June 24, 2016
A large overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• June 19, 2016
The soundtrack for the game is now available in the App Store. The game will be launched online on December 14, 2016.
• June 3, 2016
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are considering adding new quests.
• May 5, 2016
We are considering updating the game with new quests and characters, aiming to provide a new experience.
• April 21, 2016
An overhaul of the sound and graphics is in progress, and we are


Features Key:

  • Customize your character to your liking
  • Strike an ally or debuff an enemy to keep you safe in battle
  • Elden Ring Key Screenshots:









    Elden Ring Crack + Free

    This is an amazing game. I’m not a fan of MMOs, but this game is like none other I have played. The atmosphere of the game is fantastic; it really makes you want to explore, and I really recommend it to people of any age.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    As a newcomer to the RPG genre, it’s hard to come up with an opinion on the genre. But, Digital Blade already managed to captivate me with their game. The only reason I’m recommending it is because of the great game design, the incredible animation, the incredible music, and the simple gameplay.

    Overall, I think it’s an excellent game. It’s very well made and very creative. The character design is really nice. It has really decent story and characters. Not to mention the gameplay is very fun to play, and you can really explore the city. There are even PvP mini-game. Finally, the main character is really nice.


    I don’t think I can even begin to sum up my thoughts on this game. It has a lot of beautiful things about it, ranging from the art style, the music, the gameplay, and the story. It’s all really good. It’s very simple to play, and it’s a very enjoyable game to play. It also comes with some anime, and the story is really interesting, so if you are a fan of stories, you’ll enjoy this.

    As a huge fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, it was a big surprise to see that there is an official Final Fantasy-inspired game that is not Final Fantasy. However, it turned out to be quite a good surprise to see that this RPG is actually really fun and also really beautiful. It has decent gameplay, it has good character design, and it has a nice story. It is a really good game, and as long as you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you should definitely check it out.

    The game focuses around the main character and his quest in the world. Depending on his actions, the story


    Elden Ring Crack + Serial Key [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

    Lead your troops to victory against monstrous enemies, discover new areas, and complete mission quests while fighting alongside a friend in the Lands Between


    Game Features
    ★ Enjoy the freedom of control over the player character “Elden Lord”
    ★ Explore a large-scale, high-quality world map
    ★ A large number of detailed and sophisticated weapons and armors
    ★ A fluid and changeable death system for the player character to gain experience and become stronger


    Explore a vast world map where you are free to move freely between three types of terrain:
    ▶ Plain: A vast open field
    ▶ Dungeons: A vast, detailed cave
    ▶ Hills: A mountain region with a huge variety of hills


    Encounter the various bosses scattered throughout the world. Each has his/her own guard. If you successfully kill a boss, the enemy will lose its guard and you can easily gain control of the territory.


    After you defeat a boss, you can break free by using the weapon that was given to you at the beginning of the fight. (You can find weapons and armors throughout the world by killing various monsters.)


    Throughout the game, you can turn up the discovery value to discover new things. Here, you can find items that increase your power.


    You can connect with another player by using the “Console” button to link with a friend. You can communicate with your friend via chat, although it only works between two players. If you connect with a friend, your pace can be synchronized by using the “Line-Up” function. You can also come back to the spot where you left your friend by using the drop bar.


    As you fight alongside a friend, your two characters will fight for the first time. The number of statuses that can be acquired will be varied, and you will grow stronger by picking up experience points.

    In addition, after you defeat a boss, you can specialize in your fighting style. You can increase your “Power” by selecting one of the four skills, e.g., “Strength”, “Magic


    What’s new:

    Embark on your journey as an ever-evolving character and progress through carefully paced quests, forging relationships with your allies and saving the Lands Between from danger.

    Tue, 05 Sep 2018 11:13:43 +0000Steam Early Access

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    Free Elden Ring Crack [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

    1) Download and install the game
    2) Extract the download
    3) Copy the files that you downloaded
    4) Run the Setup and accept the terms and conditions
    5) Play the game
    for more video guide to install and download the game :



    1) Ensure internet connection
    2) Close other applications that might be using the internet
    3) Check the antivirus is updated to the latest version, as some antivirus software may prevent the game from running.
    4) Try a different network

    You might want to switch to an Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) network if your network speed is more than 10Mbps.

    There is a local network speed of 10Mbps and a server speed of 11Mbps. Your connection speed may be affected by the other 10Mbps network (such as a fast wireless network).

    If you are not experiencing any issues with the game, try to enable the Game Warden and other Antivirus.

    How to enable Game Warden and other Antivirus :

    1) Click on the RED button at the bottom right of the game window
    2) Select « Settings »
    3) Click on the « System »
    4) Scroll down to « Monitor » and check the boxes of Game Warden and Antivirus.
    5) Apply
    6) Exit

    This option only works if your are using the original audio.


    The difficulty is determined by the amount of EXP you can earn, the challenges you can perform and the level of your EXP.

    There are 4 difficulties:

    Easy (Entry level):

    · Easy to understand the rules;

    · All equipment has the same value;

    · Can afford to use equipment that is under your level but stronger

    Normal (Difficulty 1):

    · Everyone is the same in their abilities, skills, and items;

    · You can defeat normal monsters as soon as they appear;

    · You can reach level 20 and find out about the final boss

    DIFFICULTY 2 (Difficulty 2):

    · At the same level as Difficulty 1, but more difficult and harder monsters to defeat;



    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • First, we need to crack our game files.
  • Find and open an installer file for your game and launch the game.
  • Click to run / Configure to run the Crack.
  • Uncheck all boxes and click OK.
  • Wait for your game and Crack Complete.
  • In the case of a Crack error, our game will be unable to start normally.
  • Try to use the game icon provided. If your icon does not appear on the desktop, click the menu button on your system tray and select Add and select the game’s icon manually.

    How to navigate:

    Press HOME and the LEFT KEY to change the view of the World, RIGHT KEY to change the view of the World, UP KEY to move the character’s view to a higher class, DOWN KEY to move the character’s view to a lower class.

    To change the map, press the SELECT KEY to go to the « Town ».

    To talk to the other players, press the M button.

    To change the skill, press W to see the « Maximum Focus », then select « Name » and press V.

    To equip the items, press S to bring up the Inventory, then press V to change the slot to equip.

    To swap a character, press B while a character in the player’s menu is highlighted. Press X while a character is selected in a player’s party to swap characters.


    This crack only works on compiled Windows Installer 4.5.0001 runtimes.

    For information on how to check the runtime you’re using, click Help->About. To check details about a version of Word, click Help->About Word.



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    If you are using Windows 8, you may experience issues with multiplayer client and server while using Fire Strike or Fire Strike GPU on NVIDIA desktop graphics.
    If you are using a NVIDIA Kepler or Fermi GPU (not the Maxwell-based TITAN X), there is no known issue with multiplayer client and server in Fire Strike or Fire Strike GPU.
    The solution is to use an older, Fermi-based GPU, such as the GTX 660, GTX 760, GTX 770, or GTX 780. (If you have an older GPU, you might be