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Name Elden Ring
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Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by LINE Webtoon. Born out of LINE Webtoon’s fantasy action RPG “The Shrouded Moon”, it is a fantasy action RPG that visually and musically moves away from the settings and characters of “The Shrouded Moon” and once again embraces fantasy and action.

The Lands Between is a world born out of the war between the Gods and the demons. A place where mankind will tread the endless war that has been raging for thousands of years. Having abandoned the world of humanity for a while, the few that still continue to exist are now unable to continue living in the open plains. They hide in mountain caves and lava tubes like animals, and the other survivors hide in the deep forests of the mountains and on islands created by volcanic eruptions.

In this desolate world lies a hidden island that serves as home to a mysterious race known as the Elden. This race possess supernatural powers and have the potential to topple the world of gods and demons, so they are protected by a barrier on this island. There was a time when they were able to leave the island, but in a war with the world, this barrier was raised.

However, as the hardships of life that are endured on the day-to-day basis begin to become unbearable, the few who remain within the barrier begin to harbor deep-rooted resentment towards the Elden. In the midst of the current tense situation, a hero arrives at this desolate island by chance. What kind of secret does he conceal, and what goal does he have?

※ Contents, Screenshots, Artwork, and other content in this article are merely concepts and information on the development of Elden Ring, and are not original works of LINE Webtoon.


All questions regarding the game and other matters can be obtained here:

• Question about the game

• Rune Arena

• User Profile

• Review

• Raid history

• Online record (Battle log)

• Song list

• Item Guide

• Guild Guide

• Picture, etc.

The following questions can only be answered via the ‘Question’ and ‘Answered’ function in the LINE Webtoon app.

• How do I join the Rune Arena?

First, connect the


Features Key:

  • An Epic Fantasy Game that Drafts a Dragon
    A great story, whose vivid events and extraordinarily detailed world are a vivid image after a day’s journey, unfold in a fantasy world created from the legendary classic Dragon’s Dogma® (PS3). A beautifully created an epic world combining game, drama, and memories for those who love fantasy.
  • A Back and Forth Battle System
    In the traditional RPG battle system, there are bard classes with high-level damage abilities and unique weapon types, as well as supporting units such as healing classes, which attack on the front line and restore heroes’ physical and mental strength in the middle of battle. You can freely customize your attack moves and weapon attachments to create an effective team and create unforgettable battles.
  • A Heroes’ Path Encouraging You to Pursue Your Ideal
    You can conquer old foes that have been causing trouble in the past and obtain higher-level gears that power up the story after accumulating items at the inn. Your journey will be filled with storied stories and epic battles and will continue even after your character dies.
  • A Visionary Online Play Based on a Vivid World
    In collaboration with Capcom, NETFLIX, and Playdek Japan, we have achieved world-class development to create a game that is unrivaled in its beauty, and the drama is intriguing and abundant. And a massive world that is dreamlike and surreal, with hundreds of acres of land and countless characters, will be opened to you!
  • The Achievement of Unity, Blend, and Cinematic Potentials
  • Features on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4:
    • Robust 2D Graphics
    Dragon’s Dogma™ features detailed 2D character graphics that look drawn in ink and take on a lively hand-drawn aesthetic.

    Reminiscent of visual novels, the characters come to life and have extensive animations, and fantasy events portrayed across a 2D background.

    Dragon’s Dogma™ also features graphics rendering in 3D to reproduce the illusion of the Dragon’s Dogma in the PlayStation 4. This aspect has not been seen in the console RPG since PS2 or the Nintendo Wii.


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    A « Living RPG »
    Those of you who have played the
    RPGs of the early 90’s are familiar with many
    of the monsters, weapons and other details
    in the action games of today.

    I’ve played quite a few action RPGs since 2000.
    Towards the end of that time, I felt that there
    were just too many ordinary and mechanical RPG
    elements. If the ones who created the genre
    of « RPG » really didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be
    still around today, right?

    The design team of Elden Ring Crack Keygen had been thinking
    about this very problem. They wanted to use
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    They wanted to create an « RPG by RPG ».

    As I play the game, I thought « They were right.
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    If the game hadn’t had all these aspects, it
    wouldn’t have been created. If there wasn’t
    the « RPG genre », it would never have existed.
    If there isn’t an « RPG » genre, it would just
    be another game.
    What a « Living RPG » is.

    The Elden Ring is a game created for those who
    were dissatisfied with the current RPGs.
    It is a game that was reborn and it can change
    the world of RPGs.


    « Let’s Create a New RPG, »
    the new fantasy RPG created by the same team
    that created the « Legend of Mana », the action
    RPG of the 90’s,
    « The Legend of Mana » returns with a new installment
    via CD-ROM.

    > [CD] A new fantasy RPG.
    > The new fantasy action RPG.
    > « Let’s Create a New RPG. »

    The new fantasy action RPG.
    > The new fantasy RPG.

    « Let’s Create a New RPG, »
    the new fantasy RPG created by the team that
    created the legend of Mana,
    the action RPG of the 90’s.

    > [CD] The new fantasy RPG.


    Elden Ring Crack + [Mac/Win]

    ▶ Fine-tuned The Combat System
    – Increased the damage of both physical and magical weapons.
    – You can now damage enemies at close range.
    – Damage dealt is increased when attacking with a high-level weapon, and decreased when attacking with a low-level weapon.
    – Lessened the effect of Magificent Magic, and divided the effect by the element of the Magic.

    ▶ Rebalanced Elements and Effects
    – Changed the amount of HP and Stamina regeneration for enemies.
    – The skill level of each character’s main ability is not increased when selecting that character’s active skill at level 100.
    – The equipped weapons for characters are shared, but their level increases when being equipped.
    – You can change the appearance of the equipment by equipping the grade up weapon items for each element.

    ▶ Enhanced the Application of the Skills
    – You can freely learn skills in the skills menu.
    – You can use all the skills that you have obtained at level 100 after equipping the special accessory.
    – Now, you can combine Special Skills and active skills.

    ▶ Enhanced the Deterioration System
    – Changed the character’s level for the maximum and minimum deterioration points.
    – Changed the effects of skills that decrease the character’s level by varying the level decrease.
    – Changed the effects of skills that deteriorate the character’s level by varying the level deterioration.
    – Changed the effects of skills that limit the character’s level when consuming potions.

    ▶ Enhanced the Skill Upgrade System
    – You can now freely learn and use skills at level 100.
    – You can use all skills that you have obtained at level 100 after equipping the accessory.
    – You can use the accessory skill that you have unlocked after defeating special monsters that drop accessory items.

    ▶ New Items
    – The new K. W. Grade Sparkling Weapon can be obtained as a drop from special monsters.
    – You can now obtain Edelweiss and Lotus from special monsters.
    – You can now obtain Planet Ark a special accessory.
    – You can now obtain the Arcane Tools from the dropped items in the Migrating City.

    ▶ Improved User Interface
    – All skills in the skill menu are clearly displayed.
    – The automatic skill development will be displayed in the skill menu.
    – You can now toggle the battle log in the Map screen.
    – You can now access the accumulated experience points in the skill menu.


    What’s new:

    (In battle and after controlling a foe in battle.)
    ○ With the circle pad buttons, move forward.
    ○ With the d-pad buttons, turn around left and right.
    ○ With the Up button, fly up.



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    System Requirements:

    Minimum system requirements for VR Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 are:
    Windows 7 SP1 or higher
    3GB RAM
    4GB hard drive space
    Vulkan is required for RTX2 support.
    Please read the game’s System Requirements prior to downloading.
    Please note that each game install has system requirements listed on the Steam page for the game.
    To install the game on a PC, you will need a copy of Steam installed on your computer. You can download Steam at the Steam website.
    Steam will be