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Baal Zafon (, lit. « House of Zafon ») is a moshav in southern Israel. Located in the northern Negev desert near the Gaza Strip, it falls under the jurisdiction of Eshkol Regional Council.

The village was founded in 1952, and named after Zafon, a leader of the Yam Tov movement, on its land. Its name was changed to Baal Zafon in 1957, to avoid confusion with the town of the same name in western Galilee. At first, the moshav was located within the boundaries of the Palmach military organisation in the Negev, but later became a member of the Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah.

Baal Zafon is a small farming community. Since the 1960s, it has been headquarters of the Bedouin community. The moshav’s inhabitants are mostly farmers, who also engage in raising sheep and goats. It is also home to a local secondary school, a mobile home park, a few businesses, and a community event hall, which is used mostly for social gatherings.

In August 1997, a number of alders in the nearby Arab village of Abu Ghannam were burned.


Category:Populated places in Southern District (Israel)
Category:1952 establishments in Israel
Category:Populated places established in 1952
* PyTorch Geometric
* Softplus
* Softmax
* Softplus
* Stack Classes
* Sparse matrix
* Spatial Transformer
* Spatial Transformer Network
* Sigmoid
* Sigmoid Cross Entropy
* SLIC: SegNet
* SmoothGrad
* Snorkel
* Softplus
* Spatial Transformer
* Spatial Transformer Network
* Spatial Transformer
* Spatial Transformer Network
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\dot{v}(t)=H_0^{ -1}\mathcal{T}(0,v(t))\;\text{on}\; [0,\infty),\\
v(0)=v_0\in E_c.

Convergence of the function $\mathcal{L}_c(E_c,\varphi,\psi,\mathcal{T})$ to the integral of $v_0+\int_0^t v$ follows from (\[chap4:rep1\]) and (\[chap4:rep2\]). Convergence of the function $\mathcal{L}_c(X,\varphi,\psi,\mathcal{T})$ follows from Propositions \[chap4:comp\_1\] and \[chap4:comp\_2\].

Acknowledgements {

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