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XCAT – MSN User Inviter Free

This program is designed to automatically add a user to any or all of your MSN Conversations. It can also be used to turn off your MSN Contacts from any or all of the MSN Conversation. To use this tool, you must be a resident of the United States. It is intended for use by the commercial user. Commercial use is limited only to a single family. If you are using this program in a commercial environment, you must provide a copy of your license to us.
It is not the intention of xCAT to spam your MSN.
Does This Program Support Yahoo?
Does This Program Support AOL?
Does This Program Support ICQ?
Will this program work on Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 7?
This program will work on all operating systems that Microsoft Messenger is available on.
How Do I Invite All Online Contacts into a Conversation with MSN?
Start MSN Messenger and click on MSN
Click on Open Conversation
Type in a name for the conversation and click on Add Conversation.
Type in your online contacts
Click on Add Members.



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I installed this program and it’s working fine. I invite my friends to a conversation from the online contacts as well. The only issue I found out is that it’s not possible to start a conversation using this software from a contact that is offline.

Thanks in advance.


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This is for someone who wants multiple online contacts added to a conversation. Right now I’m using the conversation manager feature in MSN messenger. It’s annoying to have to go into MSN every time I want to add a new contact to a conversation.

This program should be able to handle multiple online contacts at once. Here is the problem:

XCAT – MSN User Inviter [Win/Mac]

With this script, you can invite multiple MSN Contacts at once.
Just create a new conversation with the participants.
If you have a large number of MSN Contacts, select all the MSN Contacts you want to invite into the conversation and click the Import button.
Enter their username into the textfield, click ‘Import’ and the users will be sent a mail.
You can add them to a conversation by selecting them in the ‘Available Contacts’ list.
Change the status of the users, the status option allows you to: Pending, Accepted, Rejected and Ignored

Download the script and unzip it using Winrar or Winzip or Winzip.zip – The unzip should start automatically.
You can now open the file (xcatmsnuserinviter.xpi) and extract the file.
Copy and paste the script into a textfield in Internet Explorer.
Click ‘Add Script’
You now have to make the script execute.
In order to do this, it is required to have a tool called XAMPP, a free tool that allows you to setup local Apache and MySQL servers.Download XAMPP
Run XAMPP, and then select the ‘Listen’ tab
Add to the ‘Listen’ tab of localhost
Click the ‘Ok’ button
Click the ‘XAMPP’ tab
You should now see  » as a menu
Select ‘allow’
Click ‘Close’

Why the name xcatmsnuserinviter?

The name xcatmsnuserinviter was chosen because my name in my profile is xcactasxcatxcatx.

Can i use other scripts i have downloaded as well?
This script works only with MSN.

I’v made a XPI script that will:
– Invite all the friends that has a MSN Live on your buddy list
– Ask for permission (if necessary) if you want to invite them
– When completed, you can view the result on your buddy list
– Additionally, the person has been

XCAT – MSN User Inviter Crack+

What’s New In XCAT – MSN User Inviter?

This program may be used to invite multiple contacts at once.
The following is an extract of the Windows Event log.
Events window
Event number: 1066Time: 22:35:06.564 TZ: GMTuser: miso-desktopMessage: Program Name: xCAT; Program Version:
Message Text:
Unexpected Error
(The Microsoft XAT file)
Please re-install the program
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (2)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (3)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (4)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (5)
This program can be used in several ways:
■ Add All the existing/online MSN contacts to a conversation
■ Add All your Existing/online MSN contacts to a conversation
■ Create a conversation with All the online contacts you have added
■ Create a conversation with All the online contacts you have added
■ « Create » a conversation with the online contacts you have added
■ Invite multiple contacts at once
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (1)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (2)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (3)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (4)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (5)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (6)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (7)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (8)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (9)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (10)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (11)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (12)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (13)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (14)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (15)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (16)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (17)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (18)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (19)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter (20)
xCAT – MSN User Inviter

System Requirements For XCAT – MSN User Inviter:

The minimum requirements to run this game are as follows:
Intel Pentium Dual Core E3400 or AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core E3600
2 GB RAM (4 GB Recommended)
OS: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3
DirectX: 10
Windows Media Player 11 (or higher)
4.1 GHz Processor
3.5 GB available space
The minimum requirements to play the game can be found here: