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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.44 / 5 ( 1452 votes )
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Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG being released on Android, iOS, and Steam.

This game will not be accessible until it is officially released.

Developed and published by Kenichiro Tsukuda and company. (祐博之).


Elden Ring is a part of a multi-platform project named Tarnished.


The story of Tarnished is about the Lands Between, a place over which the Goddess of Fate once ruled. However, her power suddenly vanished many centuries ago, and the Goddess has not yet been able to return. The Lands Between has been in the Era of Powerlessness, and has been peaceful for many years. However, monsters called the Elden have unexpectedly appeared, and numerous battles have been raging. Such a situation has never occurred before in the Lands Between, and there is no explanation for it. The Goddess of Fate fears that the Elden are monsters that will obstruct the return of her power, and that they will eventually destroy the entire world.

The Elden are not a race of humans, but rather a race of beings that exist somewhere in the world. They are different from humans in appearance, and though they possess the same human body, their soul is unlike that of humans. They are beings with the power of deities, and they have been lurking in the Lands Between for thousands of years. Their appearances change according to the seasons, and they are able to take the form of humans with their body. However, unlike ordinary humans, they are immobile when they take on the appearance of humans. While they do not possess the strength of a god, they possess an overwhelming power that no human being is able to withstand.

In the present, the world has been affected by the Elden. They have suddenly appeared all across the Lands Between, and numerous battles have been raging. The Elden have learned to appear as ordinary humans, and they have gradually begun to spread their arms in the Lands Between, which the Goddess of Fate has not been able to accomplish for thousands of years.

An attempt has been made to investigate where and how the Elden have originated. However, the world has become a dangerous place, and someone who got in the way of the investigation has died. It is uncertain whether the Elden exist as a simple


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.44 / 5 ( 1452 votes )
Update (8 days ago)


Features Key:

  • A unique action RPG that is easy to play, but hard to master.
  • A vastly appealing interface that provides a stimulating game experience.
  • A vast online world developed from an enigmatic myth.
  • Innovative connectivity that allows us to build a vast online world of the Lands Between.
  • Elden Ring Release date:

    Pre-registration sales will begin on November 27th, and the game will become available on December 6. It will also be released on PS Vita as Elden Ring Portable on the same day.

    Please note that the game’s release date and additional details may change. Please check the official website and Twitter accounts frequently for updates.

    Wed, 26 Sep 2017 17:32:40 +0000
    Elden Ringpre-registration sales begin on November 27th and the game will become available on December 6.

    About DMM Games

    Elden Ring Official Website

    Official website: eldenring.com

    Elden Ring Official Twitter


    Elden Ring Official Facebook


    Elden Ring Official Twitter


    Elden Ring Official Facebook

    Please note that these are early announcement details and that the


    Elden Ring Download [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

    The main feature of a turn-based RPG is a battle that lasts as long as a month. Many of the battles that you fight are the kind that feel like they have a beginning and an end.
    The battle system features both active and passive modes. It is possible to choose a passive mode, but this mode has its limitations.
    The maps are beautiful. They are similar to maps of FINAL FANTASY X and massively feature the graphical features of a cell-shaded RPG.
    In addition to the main game, you can also download content from the PLAYSTORE! If you download the “Ring Story”, you can play a mini-game where you choose your character and defeat demons.
    The “Press Turn” button. Press that button when you enter an enemy attack and turn will stop, allowing you to hit the enemy first.
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    ▷ Choose Your Account Name
    ▷ Choose Your Character Name
    ▷ Choose Your Avatar
    From the digital marketplace
    ▷ Choose Your Avatar
    ▷ Choose Your General Voice
    From the digital marketplace
    ▷ Choose Your Voice Actors
    ▷ Manage Your Gear
    New gear can be unlocked. Equipment that you can use to upgrade your gear can be purchased in the battlefield from the merchant.
    ▷ Manage Your Gear
    ▷ Manage Your Equipment
    ▷ Increase Your Power
    ▷ Level Up
    In battlefield, you will receive experience points for defeating enemies.
    ▷ Level Up
    ▷ Ability Up
    ▷ Ability Bond (Ability Up)
    ▷ Capacity Up
    ▷ Unlimited Capacity
    When the capacity of an ability increases, the number of useable abilities increases as well.
    ▷ Equipment Boost
    ▷ Reset a Certain Item in Your Portable Memory
    You can reset a certain item in your portable memory.
    ▷ Drop a Certain Item in Your Portable Memory
    You can drop a certain item in your portable memory.
    You can reuse the item later


    Elden Ring With Product Key [2022-Latest]


    Easy on CPU, easy on Tempo
    Reduce the drag of boss fights by implementing a new battle system with easy access to special attacks in addition to engaging in a variety of actions, such as chattering and clashing.
    Always Balance Your Party,
    Consolidating the importance of the party under the present game system, we have considered the overall balance of the party, and we have changed a few points of view.
    The following items are now only available for use during boss battles.
    • A Technology that Generates an Amazing Boss Battle
    By using a new technique which generates boss battles in the rhythm of the players’ tempos, we have implemented a unique system that allows you to enjoy and participate in the tension of fierce boss battles.
    • Special Attacks + Chance Encounter
    The player has to strategically balance the use of more powerful attacks with the risk of leaving the party temporarily.
    The player’s decision-making to implement the unique system of special attacks and chance encounters has increased the enjoyment of the boss battles.
    • More Powerful Attacks Than Ever
    We have provided various unique attacks that the player has to use at the optimal time during the battle, improving the level of the battles.
    • Powerful Party
    The party now has a maximum of four members.
    The party, which had until now been split into two groups, now has an integrated party.

    Complete Metamorphosis of the Party System

    We have consolidated the important points of party members.
    • An Original Character Development System
    In the present game system, it was difficult to comprehensively develop a party member.
    Now, we have implemented the original character development system.
    The Battle System
    You can now equip items after the battle.
    In order to always maintain the tempo of the battles, we have replaced the old system that you used to equip items before the battle.
    We have also added an attack without using items.
    • New Control System
    We have implemented a control system where the player can freely move the characters, as well as a system where your weapons and items are clearly arranged in front of the player.
    • Increased Number of Costume Changes
    Conquer more ways to express your character’s uniqueness, including a large number of new costumes.


    In order to improve the online and offline experience, we have implemented a new “Online Festival,” a new dungeon called �


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